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Learn English with music

We can learn a language by different means: practicing with exercises ( vocabulary and grammar), reading ( a book, a short text, a comic, etc..), writing ( a poem, a short composition,…) , etc. Listening to songs in English has … Continue reading

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As we’re looking into the topic of fashion we’re going to watch this video by Lady GaGa ( is she fashionable? What’s your opinion?) After watching the video we’ll work on the lyrics with this activity Do you know all the … Continue reading

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Somebody that I used to know

Today we’re going to listen to  ‘Somebody that I used to know ‘, by Goyte. First, watch this video: Then in pairs, do the exercises on the song. somebody Finally, SING IT !!

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Let’s go surfing

This week we’re going to work our listening skills by listening to music in English. It’s a funny way of working with the English language and at the same time we’re learning something we can enjoy the music!! Let’s start … Continue reading

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