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First watch this video about a family visiting London on their holidays: Then answer / complete the following questions: london Watch the video and complete with the appropriate information: MATCHING QUIZ More ACTIVITIES about London Create a PADLET including … Continue reading

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September is here and so is a new school year! FIRST, WATCH THIS VIDEO:WHY STUDY ENGLISH?? We are going to do some activities in class at the beginiing of the year to practice our English : INTRODUCE YOURSELF First, we … Continue reading

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This year we celebrated Halloween in our school with different activities: 1st , 2nd and 3rd ESO students made some ‘paper’ jack’o lanterns, which we later hung from our #wishtree in our school. Here are some pictures .You can check … Continue reading

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This week, to celebrate the World  Book Day  ( 23 April), our students has made a collaborative ‘wall of poetry’ in all years, from 1st to 4th. Here are some pictures:   WORLD BOOK DAY 2015: WALL OF POETRY   

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New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome back! This week we are going to learn how to express our New Year’s resolutions. Firstly, we are going to learn which expressions are used in English to express our intentions ( resolutions ): Be going to + Infinitive … Continue reading

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This week we are celebrating Halloween in our school The 1st years are going to make posters with scary vocabulary and spooky pictures !!! The 2nd years are also going  to make posters on Halloween and some of them are … Continue reading

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My family

This week in 1º ESO we are going to talk about families. Our language assistant, Ali, is going to introduce his family to all of us with a ppt presentation. Then, for next week, you have to do a similar … Continue reading

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Hello! My name is ….

In our first day at school we are going to practice how to introduce ourselves. Here are a couple of videos that may help you and a short text you can use filling in with your personal information. speaking-1

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My Favourite Sport

My 1st years are working with the topic of sports so they have recently presented their projects on their favorite ones. Here are some of them: F1 Racing ( Alejandro M. ) Basketball ( Rafa H. ) Football ( Abraham … Continue reading

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Cultural Week 2014

This year the theme of our cultural week at IES La EScribana was the village of Villaviciosa de Córdoba, where our school is situated. Here are some of the projects our 1st years made on their village: Here are some … Continue reading

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