Peace Day 2015

On 30th January we celebrated the Day of Peace . This year, in our school, Natalia form 1º ESO A, accompanied by Juan Antonio ( 2º B ) and Paco Carmona ( Department of English), playing both the guitar, played Blowing in the Wind, by Bob Dylan .The song was prepared by the Department of Music , in collaboration with English. In our English workshops, our 2nd year  students made  word clouds with their favorite sentences about peace carlos and manuel carlos_manuel juan antonio montes 2 B opuijhy paaz Pantallazo-2 Pantallazo peace clara and nazaret peace ingles aSara Aranda Peacend we  also watched this video on Martin Luther King’s Day ( 2nd and 4th years as well )  :  MLK In English, our 1st years listened to the song Imagine , by John Lennon and  made some mini-posters to be hanged from our wish tree ( #wishtree  #wishtreelaescribana ) Here are some pictures : la foto 2 la foto 3 la foto 4 la foto 5 In Science we watched a presentation on the environmental impact of war war and environment Captura de pantalla 2015-01-26 a la(s) 12.06.27

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