St Patrick’s Day

Every year, on March 17th people in Ireland and around the world celebrate St Patrick’s Day ( Irish patron saint ). Although of religious origins, it has become popular worlwide with the New York parade, the green-coloured decorations in many cities ( like Madrid ) and different celebrations either local or national .

Here are two slideshows on St patrick’s Day.

TASK 1: Answer the following questions with the correct information. You can also try this Treasure Hunt . Write your answers on a comment on this same entry.

1. When is St Patrick’s day celebrated?

2. Where is it celebrated? Name five countries.

3. How many colours does the Irish flag have? What do they mean?

4. How can you celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

5. Name some traditional foods and drinks for this day.

6. Name at least three symbols related to St Patrick’s Day.

TASK 2: GROUP PROJECT: Search on the Internet for more information and  make a slideshow on St Patrick’s Day ( you can either share it with me via google drive or share it on Slideshare ). ADD some information on this year’s celebration.


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6 Responses to St Patrick’s Day

  1. Juan y Victor says:

    1- Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated the 17th March
    2- Saint Patrick day is celebrated in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland
    3-The Irish flag is Green, White and Orange and we don’t find the meaning.
    4- I can wear green clothes
    Tip: If we open a new window the computer it can’t run. We can’t answer 5 and 6.
    Juan y Victor

  2. Estrella and Laura says:

    1-On march 17
    2-In Canada,UK,Australia,USA and New Zealand
    3-Red, white and green
    4-Irish families tradicionally wear ,attend church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon
    5-Chips , fish and beer
    6-Music, snakes, bacon and cabbage

  3. Saray and Merche 4º says:

    1) St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17 Of March
    2) Canada, Australia, UK, USA and New Zealand
    3) Have three colours

  4. Angela Torronteras 4ºeso says:

    1) The 18th of march
    2) irland argentina canada and grean bretain
    3) the color is green white and orange
    4) the celebraties of san paters day five days and they like eat and drink very food
    5)green beer irish rider irish coffe and chanp or poundir
    6)the celtic cross the shamrock the leprechaun

  5. cristian and juanan says:

    1 on March 17
    2 Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA,UK
    3 Three colours. Orange white green . orange : symbolize the Protestants of Ireland
    green : symbolize the Protestants of Ireland
    white : represents peace
    4 go to church and then go to party.
    5 burgers and sausages
    6 shamrock and snake

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