Cultural Week at La Escribana: English workshops

From 25th to 27th February we’ll be celebrating our cultural week in our school ( as in previous years ).

This year the English department is running two workshops:

Dibujo bingo

Science bingo!!! ( learn Science vocabulary in a funny way)

The Clone Wars ( get to know the worldwide famous TV series and learn how to draw the     main characters )

Watch an episode fron the original  TV series

– Star Wars Printables

– Draw some of the following characters:

ahsoka_tano          _watto        darthmaul          _rex

darthmaul    _clone        cadbane         anakin_skywalker

_qui_gon     r2d2      _queen_of_naboo      maul_reveal

_obiwan_undercover   generalgrievous    _clone_captain_rex

_boba_fett    jarjarbinks    _krell    savage_opress

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