Christmas is coming…

Christmas is just here! Have you been naughty or nice?

Here is a presentation with the history of Christmas and how it is celebrated in Britain nowadays.

After watching the ppt, answer the questions leaving a comment on this post



1) When did the Romans celebrated the winter solscite?

What do the Roma god Mithra nad Jesus Christ have in common?

2) What was Saturnalia? What time of the year was it celebrated?

Is it the same as Christmas?

3) Name three things you can usually see / do at Christmas-

4) What traditional food do British have at Christmas?

Is it the same as in Spain?

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3 Responses to Christmas is coming…

  1. Angela Torronteras 4ºeso says:

    4) the tradicional dood is peas, stuffing, parsnips,turkey, mince pies, christmas pudding, brussels sprouts, ping in blankets, roast potatoes, carrots, gravy.
    in spain not the same
    3)christmas trees
    2)saturnalia the god saturn
    17 and 23 december
    1)25 december
    he was the sun dod, or the “bringer of light”

  2. sara y vicky 4ºa says:

    1.-The romans celebrate the winter solstice th 21 or 22 December.
    -The Roma god Mithra nad Jesus Christ have in common the Saturnalia.
    2.-Saturnalia was the romans celebrated the resurrection of Mithra,the winter solstice and the good Saturn at the same time.
    -It was celebrated 17-23 December
    -It isn’t at the same time.

  3. Saray y Estrella 4ªA says:

    1)- Usually the 21sd and 22nd of December.
    -They were born on 25th December.
    2) Is a festival of Romans of 17th-23rd December
    -It similar
    3)Give presents, have lunch -dinner food,decoration the house
    4)Peas, turkey, gravy…etc
    No , in spain is different

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