Happy creepy Halloween!!

Halloween is coming…are you ready? Today we’re going to talk about our favourite horror movies – HorrorMovies



… and then  we’ll talk about Halloween.

Here’s a ppt made by Ernest, our language assistant this year. Hope you like it!!

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6 Responses to Happy creepy Halloween!!

  1. Miriam Hernández Pérez says:

    My favourite horror flims is scream 3,is a film that very scary because it is a child and his mother that they are die by their father,because put them a curse and they are killing people and not kill more people have to break that curse,the facts occur in a building where it is as hotel hosting people.I like this flims.

  2. sergio cantero says:

    My favorite horror film is Sleepy Hollow. This is a headless horseman who seeks his head some living. Then comes a scientist at the interesting things that happen. At the end solve what the rider. I recommend you to see, is a very good film for hallowen

  3. Lucía Sedano Infante says:

    I don´t like horror films but I choose the Rec, is a film very scary. In this film the reporter enters a building because there is something mysterious. I like this film because is very scary.

  4. juan jacinto montenegro says:

    My favourite horror film is Texas chainsaw massacre. I like it because it is bloody and scary. This movie is going to lose five people in the car. They get into a house where other people live. There is a man who is wearing a mask and a power saw, he kills people and then left with their heads

  5. Christian says:

    My favourite horror film is the Exorcist is a film very scary. In this film Regan MacNeil an innocent twelve years old girl, you begin to feel bad and his mother, Chris, goes to different doctors to discover that her daughter suffers illness. I like this film because is very dangerous and scary.

  6. Diego Jimenez says:

    My favourite horror film is Scary Movie 1,because is a horror film and comedy film.I like it because there are very good actors.There are 3 films more.

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