Who is Martha Whatmough?

Hello everyone, my name is Martha and I am the new language assistant.
I come from Bristol in south west England but have worked in Cordoba
on and off for a couple of years. This is my first time working (and
visiting) Villaviciosa and the second time I have worked in a
bilingual school.

As I meet you in school, please ask my any questions that you would
like to know about me, but in the meantime I’ll tell you a little bit
about myself.

I have always enjoyed studying languages which is the reason I am
interested in working with teaching English. I studied French, Russian
and a little bit of Italian in secondary school. When I finished
school, I took a gap year (a year ‘holiday’). I spent some of my gap
year working a lot day and night to earn money so that I could spend 7
months working as a voluntary teacher in Uganda, East Africa. It was a
fantastic experience to go so far away from home alone! I came back to
the UK the following September and studied French and Russian at
University and did short, year-long courses in Polish and

My favourite hobby is travelling! I love visiting new places, learning
a new language and a new culture. I think it is very important to see
the world and learn how other people live. It makes you realise what
is valuable in life.

I am just getting to know the staff and students at La Escribana but I
have been made to feel very welcome so far and I’m enjoying my new

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