Alanna says “goodbye” to all of us!!!

Being a language assistant in Villaviciosa has been an experience of a lifetime. Since October, when I started I have learned a lot, and had so much fun! Everyone, the other teachers and all of the students made me feel welcome from the very beginning. There has never been a dull moment in the past 8 months; each day at the school is different and very interesting. I didn’t know much about Spain or teaching before I arrived, now I know so much about Spain which I have learned from my coworkers as well as my students. I have also learned a lot about teaching, each class is great in their specific way, I loved the environment of La Escribana, it is a great school.
It has been a great time, and I will miss everyone so much! If anyone travels to Canada in the future, feel free to get in touch with me I would love to see anyone from the school again in the future! Thank you everyone for everything!

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One Response to Alanna says “goodbye” to all of us!!!

  1. carmonafj says:

    I’m sure we’ll all miss you. You’ve spent just 8 months here but I can tell you the memories you’ve treasured here will last forever. A friend

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