April in Canada

April is a great month in Canada, a favorite for many people. We start off with festivities and silliness on April first, with April Fool’s day. On April Fools, people play tricks and do silly things to their friends and family. It is a great way to start off the first month of “spring.”
Later in April, Easter is celebrated by almost everyone in the country. For many people Easter holds its traditional meaning, but for children, there is a more modern aspect to Easter. The Easter bunny. On the night before Easter Sunday, when children go to sleep, the “Easter Bunny” comes during the night, and hide little chocolate eggs around the house for children to find in the morning. When children wake up in the morning, they go on an Easter Egg hunt to find everything that was hidden by the Easter bunny the previous night. The Easter bunny hides chocolate eggs inside the house, and sometimes even outside of the house, for example in the mailbox, or in a drawer. Children carry around a basket and collect the treats. Some other fun Easter activities, are painting eggs, or baking Easter themed cookies or cakes. Also, on Easter Sunday, many families have a large Easter dinner, usually with ham and many different side dishes such as mashed potatoes and cooked carrots.
While Easter is a very modern and fun holiday for nearly every Canadian, the tradition and meaning behind Easter has not been lost. Many families still do typical things, such as celebrate lent before Easter, and attend church on Easter Sunday. Overall, April is a busy month, beginning with the silliness of April fools, and leaving with the fun and tradition of Easter.


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