Writing in the ESL class can be creative

Writing is always difficult for our students: you have to present them a topic, a number of words, the specific grammar tips they have to use,…but it sometimes comes up as a disappointing and somehow annoying task for teenagers at school. Nowadays it seems that we have lots of tools and resources so writing can be as attractive and challenging to our students as the use we can make of those tools and web resources mentioned, so writing might not be a burden for students anymore, or say, something purposeless or boring ( their own words! )

One of these ideas to promote writing in the ESL class, is using comics ( toondoo.com, animoto.com and glogsters ( a poster created @  Glogtser.com ) with the benefit that we can share our work later via a social network , our blog or wiki, etc, so that it does have a purpose in the sense that we are actually working with modern tools in a modern perspective and making our kids write, expressing themselves in the second language, no matter how simple or brief this piece of work may be – at least they are using their second language!

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