Spring in Canada!!!

In Canada there are four distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall (or autumn) and winter. Spring is usually from March until June, summer is from June until August, fall is from September until November and winter is from December until March. The summer months can get up to 35 degrees Celsius, but it differs, depending on the area of Canada. Fall is usually about 13 degrees Celsius, and all of the leaves on the trees change color from green to brilliant oranges, and reds, it is a really beautiful time. Winter is the worst season for some and best for others, it is cold with a lot of snow, for many people this is bad, but for those who love to ski or snowboard it is perfect. Spring is a favorite season for many people. The temperature starts to rise, and the snow starts to melt, instead of snow there is rain, and near the end of spring, gorgeous flowers start to bloom. There is a common saying in Canada “April showers bring May flowers”.
Spring fever is on its way, soon, the snow will turn into rain and the frozen white ground will be replaced with green grass and colorful flowers. It may not seem hot to many people, but once the temperature rises above 8 degrees people stop wearing winter jackets and some even start to walk around in t-shirts. Once all of the snow has melted, the moisture and rain provides the perfect conditions for beautiful flowers to bloom and for green grass to grow. It seems that the spring season in Canada is one of the happiest, everyone is enjoying the much anticipated warm weather and beautiful colors.

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