Knowing about Alanna, our language assistant

My name is Alanna Supersad, and I am going to be the English teaching assistant here at the school until the end of May. I am from a city called Edmonton, located in western Canada. I am the youngest of four, I have two older sisters, Sarah and Ebony, and an older brother, Rodney. I am a student at the University of Alberta, where I study biology; I have two more years to complete when I return to Canada. While I was growing up, I played basketball and a little bit of soccer. I really love playing sports, and being outdoors, I love traveling. I first started studying Spanish when I was 12 years old, and have been studying it off and on ever since; I love the language. Although I have studied Spanish for a few years, understanding and speaking it here is Spain is difficult, everyone speaks so fast. I hope to be a lot better at speaking and understanding the language during my time here in Spain. This is my first time in Europe and in Spain, I arrived here on September 20, in Madrid, I have also visited Sevilla and Málaga. I really like Spain so far; the people are all really nice and helpful. Everyone at the school is extremely nice, and very welcoming. I am very excited to be here and I am looking forward to helping in the school and getting to know all of the staff and students!

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