Hello! My name is ….

In our first day at school we are going to practice how to introduce ourselves. Here are a couple of videos that may help you and a short text you can use filling in with your personal information.


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Welcome back!

It’s September again and we’re back at school! Summer is over and now we have to think about the year ahead. Here is a video about teaching and learning in schools. Hope you’ll like it !

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My Favourite Sport

My 1st years are working with the topic of sports so they have recently presented their projects on their favorite ones. Here are some of them:

F1 Racing ( Alejandro M. )

Basketball ( Rafa H. )

Football ( Abraham )

Mountain Bike ( Sergio Ch. )

Baseball ( Erik and Alejandro P. )


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The Best Job in the World

Last week, my 4th year students mad a project on jobs. The title of those projects were The Best Job in the World.


Here are some of their projects. I hope you’ll like it.

Footballer ( Josema N. )

Slide Tester ( Patricia )

The best jobs ( Marina, Laura & A. David )



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A Hero Story

Last week my 3rd year students presented their projects ‘ A Hero Story’.

Here are some of them:

HERO!! (Clara, Encarni & A. David)

The Brave Men 2 ( Manuel A., Juanma, Juan J. and Diego )

Save the Children ( Cristian E. and Sergio C. )

Comic ( by Sergio R. )


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Cultural Week 2014

This year the theme of our cultural week at IES La EScribana was the village of Villaviciosa de Córdoba, where our school is situated.

Here are some of the projects our 1st years made on their village:

Here are some pictures of the English exhibition on the projects :

BhT2oDyIIAA7Jhl.jpg large BhTx-EWIIAA21R_.jpg large BhTxmCRIUAAX111

BhTxU0sIgAAQei8 BhZ0Gk-IcAAFAu1

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Daily routine in …

Last week my 1st years made a project on daily routines in another countries.

Here are some of their presentations :

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Stop violence against women

Today we are celebrating the No Violence Against Women Day . After watching the following video, my 3rd and 4th year students are writing a story  from the point of view of a victim from domestic violence.

Here are their stories:

3º ESO

4º ESO

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Halloween 2013

This year we also celebrated Halloween at la Escribana school . We did that in different ways:

- 1st and 2nd year students made some posters on Halloween. Here are some pictures of them:


- 3rd and 4th year students made a short horror film:

Sadist Spirit ( 3º ESO)

The Monster and The Child (3º ESO)

Halloween Project ( 3º ESO)

The Abandoned House ( 4º ESO)

The Zombie House ( 4º ESO)

Finally , our language assistant, Paige, helped us decorate our homes with origami bats ( we learnt how to do them during our 1st year lessons ):

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This year I’m going to…

What are your resolutions and best intentions for this new schoolyear? Are you going to use more your English in class? Are you going to practice your English out of the school? What are you going to do this year ?

First watch the video about people’s plans  and predictions for the future :

HERE there is an explanation of how to use the GOING TO form of verbs to express future intentions and plans.


Then make your own predictions and express your plans/intentions for the future.

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